air conditioning mobile homesHeating and air conditioning mobile homes are not always the same as standard homes due mostly to space requirements.

Although there is not as much room inside the mobile home, usually an installer can get under the home which makes it easier to install, ductwork, refrigeration lines and anything else needed.

Insulation is not installed as thick in a mobile home as in a stick built house, again due to space requirements so the air conditioning for mobile homes should be sized accordingly.

That still leaves us with several options for air conditioning a mobile home.

#1.  Packaged Air Conditioning

Just like it says these are complete units (think window unit but bigger) set up and ready to plug and operate. All it needs is electricity (usually 240v) with access to outside air, and ductwork for inside air distribution and you have air conditioning.

Often the mobile home will have existing duct work so the unit’s cold air can be distributed. The return air will have a filter installed.

#2. Mini Split

A mini split can be located almost anywhere, and offers several advantages including low operating costs and easier installation balanced against higher initial cost due to more unit pieces.

Usually, individual room units are mounted on a wall and refrigerant lines run outside to the compressor and condenser. These are great units to cool a small mobile home or an addition.

#3. Evaporative coolers are great for our Mew Mexico heat and dry weather and are sometimes called swamp coolers. They use the process of evaporation to cool the air and can work as well as an a/c unit will much lower costs. In addition usually incur low initial cost to purchase and install. If you live in a dry climate a evaporative cooler is worth looking at.

Finding the right air conditioning for your mobile home depends on the location, type of home, and cost. Each scenario is different and there is not a one-size-fits all solution. Call us today for expert, professional help to find the best answer!