air conditioning replacement costsMost people don’t think about their air conditioning replacement costs until it breaks or becomes so old it is not worth repairing.

Because the ac runs in the background, without our notice – we do not tend to budget for repair or replacement. So when the inevitable happens and it is time to pull out the wallet there is sometimes severe sticker shock.

On the other hand if you look at air conditioning replacement costs versus the time they run and the comfort they provide it turns out to be a bargain! Who want to live without it?

Our suggestion is to go ahead now and start doing your research. The more you know about heating and air conditioning the more options and better purchaser you will be.

Some of the issues to become familiar with include:

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Costs
  • Replacement options.

How important is your A/C to you?

Many homeowners look at the improvement they can see and not what they can’t see. It would seem that new carpet or countertops are more important than an air conditioning and heating system. Heck – it works right?

If this is you, you might find these U.S. Department of Energy numbers interesting. The air conditioning and heating system in your home represents 40 percent of your total annual energy costs which is more than the 13% water heating and 9% lighting combined.

And since HVAC is probably one of the more expensive appliances you own, just because it is out there in the yard or in the basement, keeping you cool or warm when you need it doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

Let’s do some quick tests.

Would you rather live the summer without AC or refrigeration? (Most say refrigeration!)
What is the efficiency of your current unit?
What is the SEER rating of your unit?
How much would an air conditioning replacement cost you? (Which means you know what you need and want!)

Don’t wait too long to replace your old system (and do your homework).

The average replacement cost for an HVAC system was about $8,400 but could range from less than $5,000 to over $20,000.

When asked why homeowners had not purchased an air conditioning replacement even though it was needed were related to financing – “too expensive” and “can’t afford”. Solution – budget for your need.

Homeowners with recently purchased HVAC systems gave this overwhelming advice to other buyers. Research everything including air conditioning replacement costs!