A Simple Primer on How Your Air Conditioner Works!

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Air Conditioning Unit

In the simplest sense, and air conditioner takes heat out of the air inside your home or business, and transfers it to outside air.

How this is accomplished is quite simple in theory, and has been in use for over 100 years. The equipment gets better – but the theory remains consistent.

How Air Conditioners Work

Air Conditioners have the capacity to change the temperature, humidity and/or quality of the air. An air conditioner ‘conditions’ air by removing heat energy from inside air, and at the same time removing excess moisture as well as foreign particulate in the air.

This is easily seen by viewing the filters than are changed on a regular basis. The air drawn through the AC is pulled through these filters prior to passing over the ‘evaporators’ where the heat is pulled from the air (thus ‘cooling it’). The reason for the filters is more to protect the evaporator cools from clogging than to clean your air – but whatever works right?

Excess moisture is removed at the evaporator as the heat is removed since the warmer air can hold more moisture than the cooler air. Sometimes the air is so cooled than too much moisture is removed and humidifiers are used to reintroduce moisture back into the air!

The Mechanics of Air Conditioning

The main part of your unit is a compressor, usually mounted outside with a cooling fan. The compressor does just what is sounds like, compressing a gas. This gas is then condensed by passing air across the tubing in what is called – you guessed it – a condenser.
This liquid is then sent to the house evaporator where the house air is passed through a multi finned coil. The gas absorbs heat from the air and turns the liquid into a gas. If you have ever held a bottle with a liquid like propane, or even paint and sprayed it all out very quickly you have felt the can cool considerably. This is the same concept!

Then back around the gas goes to the compressor and the cycle starts all over again.

Simple, fairly efficient and we all love the results!

The key to great air conditioning is proper maintenance. Be sure and invest in regular service calls to maintain your system at peak performance. This investment will not only save you money on your power bill, but will also ensure your system will last much longer!

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