During the recent heat wave, our neighbors down in Tucumcari tied their second highest temperature on record at a staggering 108º. You probably heard that the Phoenix airport got so hot that some passenger jets couldn’t take off – 118º! While we haven’t cracked the 110º mark yet here in New Mexico, you may feel your swamp cooler isn’t living up to your expectations. If you find yourself blasting the cooler, opening windows, and still not getting the cooling performance you’re looking for, it might be time to consider upgrading your system, or switching to refrigerated air.

beat the heat with refrigerated air!

So, what are your options for staying cool in the middle of a potentially record-breaking summer?

The first would be to upgrade your evaporative cooler.

Swamp coolers may be old technology, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t constantly improving. From improvements in pad design to high efficiency pumps and motors, modern evaporative coolers are far more effective than their obsolete counterparts. With the proper ratio of cooling capacity to square footage and good ventilation, a modern swamp cooler system should be able to keep you cool even in the hottest conditions – as long as it doesn’t get too humid out!

Your second option is to make the upgrade to refrigerated air.

Refrigerated air is generally able to produce lower air temperatures than evaporative cooling. It also works regardless of the humidity outside. This can be a real plus when a cloudburst rolls through and causes a localized spike in humidity, but only a small drop in temperature.

The decision between evaporative cooling and refrigerated air is a many faceted one. There are maintenance issues to consider, as well as the needs of the individual homeowner. If you’re having a hard time staying cool, it’s time to call the pros at Polar HVAC. Whether it’s a new evaporative system, a refrigerated air conversion, or a heat pump, they’ve got the knowledge and experience to make your home a comfortable refuge from soaring summer temperatures.