Use these do’s and don’t to find great air conditioning repairs and services in Albuquerque.

Air conditioning repair albuquerque

Do these things to find an Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Albuquerque.

#1. Do spend some time to research. On a Google search, look for reviews. Look for simple things like the site itself. Chances are that a business with an unprofessional site might be unprofessional in their work.

#2. Do look to see when they are available. We are available every day all day for the same price!  Other HVAC companies might be  available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but it might be by appointment or with extra costs.  That works great when your AC breaks down by appointment!

#3. Do look for experience. Someone who says they have a license is all good and well – but how many licenses do they have. There are a lot of different type and make of systems out there – many requiring expertise in knowledge and tools to properly service and repair. Someone who has been in business for a year may give you a great deal, but someone who has been in business for 30 years will do the job correctly and stand behind it!

Don’t do these things to find an Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Albuquerque.

#1. Don’t hire the cheapest. We all want to save money, including me! Buying cheap gets you – cheap. Cheap service, cheap parts, cheap labor who doesn’t know what they are doing. Cheap insurance. Cheap liability.  I could  go on. Suffice to say I have come back in and fix many jobs that were done cheap.

#2. don’t choose the first or closest to you. Just because a company comes up first in the list does not mean they are the best. And just because a company is close to you does not mean they will charge you less.

#3. Don’t ignore negative reviews. If you find a company you like, or have one that you have been referred to, and it has negative reviews – pay attention.  Although negative reviews can be posted by disgruntled customers, a good company will counter post to show their side of the story so you can choose. And remember that a company can buy or otherwise have fake good reviews posted. Look for ‘real’ reviews. The more the better. Don’t let one negative review in a crowd of great reviews put you off either!

We hope this helps you when you are looking for your AC company. Of course, we think that Polar Heating and Air fits these recommendations and hope that you will try us!

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Stay cool!