Swamp Coolers Need Service Too

Swamp cooler startup and shutdown in AlbuquerqueSince you may be reading this post from New York, or somewhere like that, you might be wondering “What the heck is  swamp cooler”?

It is not something we bring in from Louisiana that magically cools your house. At least we don’t bring it from LA – but it can be magic in the right circumstances!

Have you ever held up a wet finger in the air and felt it cool? You just used  a swamp cooler! It is the same thing that happens when you step up out of the water after a swim and get chilly.

Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, have been around a long, long time. Think ancient Egypt. That old. They can be efficient, inexpensive and very simple.

As we all know, there are always tradeoffs for everything. Evaporative air coolers don’t work everywhere. Swamps. They don’t work in swamps!  Swamp coolers need a hot, dry climate – like here in Albuquerque and in the southwest US. In the states along the Rocky Mountain Range, coolers can be found in 26 percent of the homes.

Like anything else, these coolers require maintenance to perform at their best. This is where we come in. We have serviced and installed thousands and are intimately familiar with them. Call us for getting them ready for summer, and for setting them up for winter.

Here are tips for doing it yourself if you are so inclined.

#1. Start by removing the winter covering and remove the panels.  Take your time and clean out any debris in the water pan at the bottom.

#2. The tension on the motor belt should be checked. you should have about one inch of deflection when the belt is pressed – at most.  You can lightly oil the bearing on the blower assembly,  and add a bit to the motor if it has an oil receptacle.

#3. it is a good idea to install new cooler pads. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations, or use Aspenwood fiber pads.

#4. Now it is time to reconnect the water line and turn it on.  Is the float valve working correctly?  Adjust the float arm by bending it (carefully!) if the water level is not correct.

#5. Finally  go ahead and start the motor and the pump, looking for any leaks in the tray from rust or split seams. Finally check to make sure the pades are being watered evenly.

#6. Last but not least. Sit in front of your cooler and cool off after all that hard work!

Or call us and let the professionals do it for you!