How Long Do A/C Units Last

How Long Do A/C Units LastOne of the questions we get here is “How Long Do AC Units Last?”

Well that is easy to answer! It depends!

Seriously though, how many times have you been told your unit is o its last legs and surely you will need a new one next time the repairman comes out. We all want to sell new units because we make money on the sale. So what can you really expect?

First you need to understand that it is not always about when it will break but sometime it is when is the best time to upgrade? No one wants to be without that nice cold air on the hottest day of the summer. Newer units are definitely more efficient and ca save you a bundle on utility costs. This must be a consideration.

#1. How old is it?

In general terms, A/C units with 10-15 years’ operating time are considered to have lived full lives and any money spent on repairs might be better invested in upgrading.

When your unit reaches 10 years the best thing is to start a upgrade fund for a new A/C.  If you save a bit at a time, then it is much easier to make that hard decision to replace your conditioner when the repairs seem to be getting too often.

Learn your unit’s age, take good care of it and when someone asks you how long do air conditioners last you can tell them!

#2. Levels of humidity.

If your air is feeling ‘clammy’ or different but you just can’t put your finger on it – it might be time. Evaporator coils become less efficient with age and may not be removing water from the air like it used to. Evaporator coils are expensive to replace – and are usually a sign it is time to replace the unit. Older units can also be prone to freezing and even mold growth.

#3. Operating costs are increasing.

Like the paragraph above, when the unit begins to age, it loses efficiency. To make up efficiency losses takes power. Power means higher electricity costs. If your utility costs are increasing and you can’t figure out why – you can probably blame an older A/C.

Should you be planning to replace your Air Conditioner soon? Your A/C unit won’t last forever.

Give us a call we can do an evaluation for you during your next maintenance.   And now you know that ‘It Depends’ is the only answer for ‘How Long Do AC Units Last’!