air conditioning mobile homesJust because your home may seem smaller than other houses does not mean your air conditioning options are limited in choices. In this article we will cover your mobile home air conditioning options.

#1. Window units. Although it is certainly possible to head down to the local big box warehouse store and get that last year’s discontinued AC model at a heck of a deal, there will be other ‘payments’. Window units can be noisy and inefficient as well as requiring several units to keep all areas if your home cool.

#2. Central Air Conditioning. Central air is the most common option for mobile homes. These units are usually installed at the factory as the parts like the indoor evaporator, the duct work and the indoor furnace can be a real challenge to install after construction.

#3. Packaged Air Conditioning. Another good mobile home air conditioning option, packaged units offer the ability to have all the components in one ‘package’, easily mounted outside of the home. They are a great solution for limited space installations, and places where inside spaces is at a premium. These units offer the combination of furnace and a/c in one package.

#4. Ductless air conditioning. If your home does not have any interior ductwork to allow air to circulate, ductless system is the best option. A ductless option is a split system with and outdoor units and several indoor units all controlled by separate thermostats. This allows the most flexibility for setting different temperatures throughout the home allowing for cost and energy savings. These units are also the simplest to install.

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