The AC of the future – Packaged HVAC units

If we saw the Jetson’s HVAC system, one has to imagine it would look something like a packaged HVAC system. These modern systems give you heating and cooling in one streamlined package, while saving you time, space, and – most importantly – money.

Packaged HVAC systems are a common choice for commercial spaces, and some are quite large. However, the smaller units do a phenomenal job on a space the size of a house. There are a few types of packaged HVAC systems:

  • Heat pump – a reversible heat pump is capable of providing heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Heat pumps have one condenser coil inside the house, and another outside. Therefore, by switching the compression cycle, they can move heat into or out of the home. This is a highly energy efficient solution to home HVAC.
  • Combination refrigerated air and gas furnace – this type of unit offers gas heat in the winter and refrigerated air conditioning in the summer, all in one. This type of unit is a strong performer, and many are energy star rated — they’ll save you between 15% and 25% on your utility bills compared to a traditional split system.
  • Hybrid packaged HVAC units – these units are the holy grail of HVAC technology. They have gas furnace, refrigerated air, and reversible heat pump systems all rolled into one unit. That way, you can use whatever is cheapest and most efficient at the time to maintain the perfect temperature inside your home.

A packaged HVAC unit is an all in one home HVAC solution

Convenience of packaged HVAC units

Aside from efficiency and performance, packaged HVAC units offer great convenience and space savings. Not only do they eliminate the need for two different units, they also eliminate the need for two different sets of ductwork in your home or business. They also simplify maintenance and repair, since it’s all in one place.

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