Parts to A Heat Pump with Furnace InstallationHere in New Mexico, we tend to utilize different parts of an air conditioning/heating system than say Maine for obvious reasons. However it does get cold enough here in the Albuquerque and surrounding areas to need heat in the winter cold – and a heat pump sometimes just does not generate as much heat as some would like. A solution is a heat pump with a furnace backup – or an A/C unit with furnace for heat. Let’s look at the parts required for a heat pump with furnace installation.

#1. Heat Pump.
A heat pump uses the same system the air conditioning uses run the opposite way. In the A/C mode the unit uses expanding gas (refrigerant) to absorb heat from inside air and allow outside air blowing across condenser coils to condense the gas – removing the heat; in the heat pump mode the cycle is reversed allowing heat from outside air to warm the inside.  This is a very efficient method to condition your air with one unit.

#2. Indoor Cooling Coil. The evaporator coils (A/C) contained in the blower use the blower fan to move your inside air through a filter and across the coils to either remove heat from the air, or to add heat to the air depending on cycle.

#3. Furnace. A furnace is simply a mechanical unit that uses fuel (propane, natural gas, oil) with burners to provide a lot of heat.  A separate furnace installation is ducted in the same place as the A/C unit and uses the same blower.

#4. Air Cleaner.  Air cleaners can be separate from the blower filters and highly specialized to filter dust and pollutants out of the air you breathe, and keeping your rugs and home furnishings cleaner as well. All of this helps pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke, and other airborne particles that could help reduce allergy and asthma discomfort.

#5. Humidifier. Conditioned air in the summer can be dryer, and of course in the winter the air is already much less moist than in warmer months. This can cause not only health issues such as allergy symptoms and dry skin, very dry air also can cause havoc with wood floors and furniture and create an environment for static electricity. A humidifier automatically maintains the humidity in the air.

#6. Thermostat. The most commonly known part of the system give you precise temperature control and allow you to program your heating and cooling requirements depending upon your daily activities and schedule. Modern thermostats are very programmable allowing the system to maintain different temperatures all throughout the day.

Although not all these parts are required for heat pump installation they are definitely the parts to a heat pump with furnace installation with which you should be familiar. Call us for any help you need to get the system you have working the most efficiently possible for you!