Can you repair your ac unit yourself?

repair your ac unitWe get asked a lot if it is possible to repair your a/c unit yourself and of course the answer is almost always – it depends! It depends on how good the homeowner is!

There are easy fixes and not so easy fixes. The biggest question is how competent are your around refrigeration, high voltage electricity, electronic board troubleshooting and the rest of the pieces that make up your system?

Some HVAC damages could be considered easy fixes. Maybe you have experienced a storm and/or flood. it is entirely possible for any damages to be minimal, especially if you followed the precautions in our last post. Most homeowners competent with tools and electrical meters could troubleshoot a faulty fan or circuit board, or clean coils and other similar issues.

However, when the damage is severe, you should call us. Especially after a flood, a lightning strike or similar misfortune. Water damage can be extensive, even causing damage in duct work that must be replaced to prevent mold and bacteria issues later on.

Often the costs of calling us when measured against the ability experience provides to quickly troubleshoot an issue, as well as understand any related potential problems, and the time savings of a nonworking unit more than outweigh any savings by doing it yourself. The other consideration is the warranty of parts and machinery!

if we do recommend a new unit, don’t always think we are just out to get your hard-earned money! air conditioning units have lifespans like all of us, and often the savings both to energy and environmental efficiencies combined with the savings of less repair costs far overcome the new unit original expense!

So to answer the question “Can you repair your ac unit yourself” once and for all – it depends!