Fact from Fiction About HVAC Systems

Fact from fiction about HVAC systems and how to select the best unit for your home and keep it running efficiently.

Fiction: Bigger is better.

In some instances, this is true but not for HVAC systems.   There is actually a correct cooling and heating size for every home.   

Having a bigger AC system will cool down the house faster but that means shorter cycles.  Shorter cycles leave a higher percentage of humidity in the air.  Longer cycles are more efficient at clearing out the dampness.   No one wants black mold, condensation on windows, stains on walls or musty odors in their house from high humidity levels.

Getting a bigger furnace will heat the house quicker but it will reach the target temperature too fast.  This means the heat wasn’t evenly dispersed throughout the house.  The area near the sensors got nice and toasty, but the rest of the home is left chilly.  

Plus, a large furnace is not efficient.  Those chilly rooms will rapidly cool the home again, forcing the furnace into a loop of rapidly kicking off and on.  This wastes energy, money and is extremely hard on the system.

Fiction: Filters only need to be changed once a year. 

This is simply not true.  It is recommended for busy households full of pets and kids, to change filters every couple of months.  Grandma’s house, with no pets, could probably go six months with the same filter.  The best option is to check filters regularly and change as needed.  This will keep the HVAC system running efficiently.

Fiction: HVAC systems only need maintenance when on the fritz.  

Let’s compare the HVAC to a car.  To keep a car running smoothly, regular maintenance is required; oil changes, filter changes, tune ups etc.  The same practice applies to an HVAC system.  Scheduling regular maintenance ensures that the system is working properly and helps prevent breakdowns.  

Fiction:  Air leaks are easily detected around the home.

Actually, even big leaks are hard to find.   It takes a professional HVAC repairman to locate and seal energy-wasting leaks.   The next time a repairman is scheduled for maintenance have them check for air leaks.  This will keep heating and AC bills low and stop the HVAC from constantly running. 

Fiction:  Turning up the thermostat will fix cooling or heating problems.

Just because the thermostat is set, doesn’t mean the house will actually reach the desired temperature.  Things like maintenance neglect, air leaks and insufficient insulation can attribute to the HVAC system not working properly.  

Schedule regular maintenance with a professional HVAC company in Albuquerque, NM.  Discuss the best way to maintain the system for efficiency and how to decipher fact from fiction.