High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

With the blazing heat of New Mexico summer, your furnace is probably not the first thing on your mind right now. But what better time to upgrade your furnace than before you need it? Get a modern, high efficiency furnace, and don’t waste another dollar of gas on that old furnace.

If your thermostat looks like this old one, it might be time to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace

Modern furnaces are up to twice as efficient as their obsolete counterparts. You might wonder what accounts for this huge difference in performance. The answer is that furnace technology has come a long way, even in the last decade or so. Here are a few things that make a modern high efficiency furnace so capable:

  • Electronic ignition – a high efficiency furnace has no need to keep a pilot light constantly burning. It ignites when it needs to heat.
  • Variable speed blowers and multi-stage heating – These features allow the furnace to operate over a wider range, so it can be more efficient when its full capacity is not necessary.
  • Condensing furnace technology – This allows the furnace to extract heat from what would be wasted exhaust gas in an older unit.
  • Sealed combustion – This means that the furnace draws in outside air to fuel combustion, rather than wasting the already heated air from inside the house.

How good is a high efficiency furnace?

Units like the Goodman GMVM97 have up to 98% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) Performance. This means that for every dollar of gas flowing into your furnace, you get $0.98 of heat in your home. Compare that to a traditional furnace, which can have an AFUE rating as low as 55%, and you can see the difference a high efficiency furnace can make.

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