When it’s cold and your furnace goes down, you need a heating system repair, and you need it quickly

We often take the comforts of modern life for granted. When we turn on the tap, we expect water to flow, even to be hot if we want it. Likewise, when we turn up the thermostat, we expect that comforting sound of the furnace firing up to accompany it. When that doesn’t happen, we want to get that situation remedied as quickly as possible. Should this happen to you this winter, keep in mind the pros at Polar HVAC are here for all your heating system repair needs!

Since we always want to keep our furnaces in good working order, let’s take a look at a few common furnace issues, and what we can do to prevent getting left out in the cold.

Winter heating system repair by the pros at Polar HVAC

Do a basic systems check on your furnace

If you have an electric furnace, make sure your unit is getting power. Check the breaker as well as the switch on the unit. Some service calls end up being as simple as flipping a switch.

You should check your filter regularly and replace it when necessary. If you haven’t checked it and your furnace isn’t working, checking it is a grid idea. Modern, high efficiency furnaces can detect when a filter is clogged, and if the filter isn’t replaced with a clean one, they will shut themselves down.

Depending on how handy you are, there are a few additional repairs you can make on your own. However, always keep in mind the dangers of working on your furnace, and if you don’t feel completely comfortable about what you’re doing, give the pros a call.

Polar HVAC is your go-to for heating system repair

At Polar HVAC, we understand that when you’re having heater trouble, you need someone to help you out right away. While some companies capitalize on this by adding weekend and holiday fees, we do not. With Polar HVAC, you’ll never get hit with a trip charge.

Give Polar HVAC a call for all your heating system repair needs!