Heat Pumps in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Heat pumps in Albuquerque, New Mexico can be a very good option for a homeowner.  According to the US Department of Energy, a heat pump is the most cost-effective option when compared to other electric heating methods.  Plus, they can be a great way to truly optimize annual heating and cooling costs. 

Heat Pumps in Albuquerque New Mexico

Let’s discuss some reasons you might not have switched yet. One of the reasons most often given for not installing a heat pump is winter operation. Many question the idea that a heat pump truly has the ability to pull heat out of the air when it is cold outside. Let’s look at this more closely.

  • A heat pump always has the potential to pull heat out of the air. It is true that the colder the air, the air the less efficient a heat pump becomes.  At somewhere around 32 degrees F, it is more efficient to heat the air with another method.
  • One of the areas some people seem uncomfortable with is the defrost mode.  When the temperature drops to below freezing ice can begin to form on outdoor part of the heat pump. Heat pumps automatically and periodically go into a ‘defrost mode’ which is simply a reverse cycle to melt the ice before turning into a heater again. This will only be for a short while and is completely normal.
  • If you live in an area that drops below-freezing frequently, we recommend pairing your heat pump with different heat source (gas furnace, propane, wood stove etc.) for those days when it gets really cold.   
  • Although heat pumps often have emergency heat built in, we do not recommend it! Emergency heat is simply resistance heaters in the duct and are very expensive to operate. Again, consider adding a gas furnace. Even your heat pump running in normal heating mode will be a better use of energy.

Tips from the professionals at Polar HVAC:

  • Use programmable thermostats and set your temperatures for day/night, and when you are away. If you set the thermostat you do not have to think about turning the thermostat manually up or down to save on utility bills!
  • Keep your filters clean! Not only is cleaner air important to your health, but clean filters allow for maximum unit efficiency.  Quality air filters changed out regularly make sure that the air you are receiving from your heat pump during the winter is premium quality.
  • Ask your HVAC service person (Bob) to explain best practices for operating your heat pump as they are familiar with New Mexico winters!  
  • Scheduled tune-ups (at least once a year) make sure that your heat pump is in peak condition for the heating and cooling season. This is not only the time to check on filters and general operation, but to make sure everything is running well before the weather (hot or cold) really kicks in!
  • Make an effort to keep the outside area around your heat pump clear to prevent blocked airflow. Decreased airflow means decreased efficiency. Snow in the winter and leaves in the fall can really cut down on the proper operation of a unit.

Call Bob at Polar HVAC at (505) 250-2329 with any questions about best practices for your heat pump.  If something seems off, or you are in need of a new unit, they are the first place you should turn.