Heating and Air Conditioner Safety Inspections

Heating and Air Conditioner Safety Inspections

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Safety inspections for your heating, air conditioners, and water heaters can be needed for a variety of reasons. One of the most common areas of concern is with units which use natural gas or propane as an energy source. Gas leaks can be deadly, or at the very least they can cause fires.

Another major area of concern with gas fired heaters and water heaters is carbon monoxide poisoning. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector installed near your gas fired units – INSTALL ONE ASAP! Carbon monoxide poisoning is surprisingly common and lethal.

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Internal parts of older units get fatigued and crack causing combustion products, including carbon monoxide, to end up in spaces where it shouldn’t be. It’s also possible for various adjustments and hardware involving the burning of the fuel to get out of spec and cause an excess of carbon monoxide build up during the combustion process, certainly not what you want in your home!

Older units can also develop shorts and grounds in the electrical circuitry which can pose safety issues as well. If you think you have a reason for a safety concern, don’t hesitate to call for a safety inspection! Your household energy systems are potentially very dangerous when not maintained properly.

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