Time to Replace the Hot Water Heater

Time to replace the hot water heater because it’s essential for those early morning wake-up showers, late night soaks in the tub and everyday clean dishes.  How long has it been since you’ve serviced or even thought about replacing your hot water heater? 

The average lifespan of a hot water heater is between eight and twelve years; depending on the unit, how it was installed, and how regularly it’s been serviced.

Remember, a hot water tank works 24/7, constantly refilling with water.  Water that contains minerals corrosive to a tank.   Inside the tank is an anode rod.  The rod’s job is to keep those minerals away from the tank’s lining but if the rod wears out there’s nothing to protect the lining.  These minerals are not harmful to humans but can do a number on the inside of the tank, especially around the bottom.

It starts with a little drip that quickly turns into a major leak.  Before any leaks start you may see signs of discolored water.

Run the cold water.  Does it run clear?  Now run the hot water.  If you see rust-colored water the hot water heater is probably at fault.

Call Polar Heating and Refrigeration.  They’ll be happy to flush out your hot water heater.  If flushing does not solve the problem, they’ll be happy to make recommendation for a new unit.

Another sign your hot water heater is about to give up the ghost is noise.  When your hot water heater starts creaking, clunking and banging it is time to call the professionals.  They can help you figure out the problem and the best solution. 

Having annual maintenance checks is a good way to ensure your morning showers will stay hot, your even soaks will be relaxing and your dishes will be clean and ready for the upcoming day.   

Plus, not only can you get expert advice on when to replace your hot water heater, but a check-up can help extend its life, and help it run more efficiently.

Call today (505) 250-2329 to learn more about replacing or repairing your water heater, then enjoy a lower utility bill!