Add Equity to Your Home When You Upgrade Your HVAC

Add equity to your home when you upgrade your HVAC before you consider any other remodeling projects.   A Harvard Joint Center for Housing 2019 study found that Americans are spending large amounts of money on remodeling projects.  $340 billion to be exact, with the average return on their investment (ROI) being roughly 56%.  Probably not what you want to hear!

So, before you start any remodeling projects, research which upgrades will bring the most value and make a list. HVAC upgrades are definitely worth the investment but are commonly overlooked by homeowners. 

Most homeowners, who are getting ready to list their home on the market, spend a large amount of money on upgrading things such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures.  These upgrades only bring an average of 60% on your return.   Whereas, upgrading your HVAC will yield an investment return of 72%. 

More reasons to Update the HVAC System:

A new paint job and retro faucets might appeal to a perspective buyer but an energy efficient HVAC system can close the sale.  And while it might not catch a homebuyer’s eye like a shiny, new refrigerator, an old or broken unit surely will.  Nobody wants to worry about extremely high energy bills on top of a new mortgage payment. 

Another upgrade that is on the top of the list is hardwood floors.  They bring almost a 100% return. 

So, if you have to pick two main upgrades, go with new flooring and HVAC.  Don’t let the cost deter you.  According to The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports, HVAC upgrades have one of the highest ROI. 

Polar Heating and Refrigeration can handle all your HVAC needs for any upgrades. From heat pumps and package units that handle your heating and cooling needs, to refrigerated air conditioning and water heaters, with over 4 decades of experience you can rest assured they have the experience to get the job done on time and right the first time.

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