Benefits of HVAC Zoning Systems

Benefits of HVAC zoning systems and why they are energy-efficient.

Technology is a wonderful thing.  It let us put a man on the moon, shrink massive computers to hand held devices and install individual thermostats in the home to create a more energy-efficient, clean environment for the whole family.

About Zoning Systems

An HVAC zoning system enables a homeowner to control the temperature of each area or zone in the home with a separate thermostat.  Zoning systems use special dampers in the duct work to direct air flow for cooling and heating.  The programmable thermostat allows you to control each zone from a central location or even a remote control.  

Why Do I need Zoning?

Every home would benefit from a zoning system, especially spacious, open homes with a traditional HVAC setup.   These homes tend to have rooms that are always too cold or too hot.  And everyone has that one family member who is never comfortable with the pre-set temperature.  In my house that would be me!  A zoning system can fix that.

For example, rooms such as attics, basements and guest rooms don’t constantly need to be heated or cooled but the master bedroom, kitchen and family room that are always in use can be comfortable all year long.

Zoning is also a great option if you have a split-level home.  Hot air rises, so the upstairs can get stifling while the downstairs is artic.  Zoning allows temperature control in the lower level and the upper level rooms.

Other Benefits

  • Now that you aren’t heating or cooling every room in the house your electric bills will be lower.  
  • Zoning eliminates the need for ducts, which stops dust, pet dander, pollen, and mold from spreading through your home as easily as they would with a standard system.  This is extremely beneficial for anyone in your family who deals with asthma, allergies, rashes or other respiratory issues.
  • The AC and furnace no longer have to work as hard as they once did.  Because of this the life span of the HVAC is longer with less wear and tear on the unit.

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