Inspection Tips for A New Home

Inspection tips for a new home to help stop headaches down the road and create a comfortable and safe environment right from the start.

HVAC System

It is highly recommended to schedule a professional HVAC company to inspect the home’s heating and air system.  They can check that the efficiency and functionality of the units are intact.  They can determine if any maintenance is needed and make suggestions if the unit needs replacing and expected costs. 

Other things to consider:

  • Research types of filters and how often they need to be replaced.
  • Know where the shut-off locations are for the gas and the water.  This is something you don’t want to be looking for in an emergency.
  • Test the thermostat to ensure it is properly working.
  • Locate the units circuit breaker for maintenance and repairs.

Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit or home energy assessment will help you understand the home’s energy practice.  It’ll tell you how much energy the home uses, if and where the home is losing energy, and which problem areas and repairs should be prioritized.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Have the Home Cleaned Top to Bottom

It’s much easier to spot issues such as water damage, mold (especially in bathrooms), rot and structural damage in clean conditions.  Don’t skip the vents and air ducts.  Not only are dirty air ducts a fire hazard but can cause illness and allergies if dust particles and mold have built up over the years. 

Asbestos Check

If you are buying an older home an Asbestos inspection is critical.  Most homes built before the 1970’s used Asbestos in the insulation.  Asbestos dust has been linked to serious health problems including cancer.

Bug Check

Termites, ants, mice and other creepy crawlies are no joke.   Again, having the house thoroughly cleaned is extremely beneficial in detecting these unwanted house guests.  A can of Raid may take care of ants but you will need to hire a professional company and spend thousands of dollars to solve a termite problem.  A professional service can also help you seal any holes that mice or other pests have found.

New Door Locks

This is a simple task, whether you DIY or bring in a locksmith.  The old owners may have turned over the keys but you never know who else had a set or had access to the house. 

Keep Records

Create a notebook to keep track of all repairs, insurance papers and any other pertinent information about the home.  Having all this information in one binder can save time and help make the process of selling the home at a later date much easier.

If you’re considering buying a home near Rio Ranch, NM call Polar Heating and Air at  (505) 250-2329.  They’ll be glad to help you evaluate your HVAC system, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and recommend other professionals in the area that will help you complete a thorough home inspection.