Ways to Cut Business HVAC Costs

Ways to cut business HVAC costs because when costs are evaluated, heating and cooling costs account for a significant portion.  The Department of Energy estimates that in an average commercial building, more than 30% of the electricity used to power HVAC systems is wasted. 

Inspect all systems each year at a minimum.

Not only will periodic planned inspections point to areas requiring attention, but could potentially save owners huge costs of breakdowns and subsequent loss of business. Having your HVAC break down is the last thing any business would want in the middle of summer or winter. 

With routine inspections, a professional technician can identify issues with your HVAC system and conduct timely furnace and air conditioning repairs before the system suffers a complete breakdown. 

Schedule Your Maintenance!

It is too easy to forget or put off maintenance on machines that seem to be working just fine. However, a poorly maintained HVAC system is more than likely inefficient in performing its functions. This means more electricity usage which adds to your business’ overall heating and cooling costs and decreasing overall indoor comfort.

Replace Air Filters

Clogged air filters are not only a health hazard, but also decrease the movement of circulated air, and increase the load on the air handler.

If you replace your air filters every month, energy costs can be cut by as much as 10%.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Cooling systems depend on the correct pressure of refrigerant in the system. Older systems especially are prone to small leakages (which should be identified and repaired!).

Check Fuel Lines and Connections 

The HVAC professional will check all heating fuel lines (gas, oil etc) for dangerous and potentially messy leaks.

Consider HVAC Upgrades 

As we have discussed in other articles, there is some new equipment being introduced all the time. Yes, upgrades can be expensive, but most of the time there is a savings attached that more than returns the investment. 

Due to natural wear and tear, your HVAC system’s energy-efficiency decreases over time. At a certain point, due to wasted energy costs and increasingly expensive service calls, it makes more sense to install a newer and more efficient HVAC model.  

Hire Qualified HVAC Technicians 

We all want to save money and often hire the company with the lowest price.   HVAC systems are complex machines that should only be handled by qualified technicians, which is why you should vet a contractor before hiring them for furnace or air conditioning repair work in Albuquerque.   Call Polar Heating and Refrigeration for more information at (505) 250-2329