Packaged and Rooftop HVAC Units

Modernize your HVAC System with a Packaged or Rooftop HVAC Units

Today’s modern packaged and Rooftop HVAC units offer the best of all world’s when it comes to heating and air conditioning your home. They deliver heated air in the winter, and climate controlled cool, comfortable living during the hot summer months.

They also have cost benefits in terms of duct work and other installation costs as well as taking care of your homes HVAC needs with a much smaller footprint than two conventional heating and air conditioning systems.

Packaged HVAC units are available in several energy efficient configurations:

HVAC unit

Conventional Packaged HVAC

These type of units use a classic gas burner to supply your home heating needs in the winter. When things warm up, simply turn the thermostat to the air conditioning mode, and set your thermostat for cool refrigerated air in your home!

Packaged Heat Pump HVAC Units

With a full heat pump model of packaged unit, there is no gas heating unit. Your home’s heating and cooling needs are met with a reversible refrigeration cycle. It removes heat from outside air to heat your home with in the winter. When the air conditioning season arrives, the cycle reverses itself, and delivers refrigerated cool air to keep your home cool all summer!

Rheem Packaged AC Heat Pump

Hybrid Packaged Units Offer the Ultimate in Efficiency and Energy Savings

These new high efficiency hybrid packaged HVAC units allow you to choose what form of energy input you want to use. Fitted with a modern heat pump and a gas furnace system, you can choose gas or electric to heat your home in the winter.

This allows you to use whatever happens to be the cheapest source for heating depending on local conditions, utility rates, etc.

Enjoy the best of both worlds on one small package!

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