WIFI Devices for Smart Home Automation

WIFI devices for smart home automation give us the ability to manage, control and monitor many facets of a homeowner’s daily life.   And it’s as easy as opening your phone.

Polar Heating and Air of Albuquerque, NM is frequently asked if WIFI thermostats are smart investments.  Our standard answer is yes, and when packaged with other WIFI devices home systems can be easily controlled and managed.

WIFI devices for smart home automation

Smart Home Devices:

  • WIFI Thermostat
  • WIFI Doorbell
  • WIFI Lock
  • WIFI Camera
  • Wi-Fi Water Sensor

These devices not only work together to safeguard the home, but they also give a person the capability to control functions of key systems within the home. For instance:

WIFI Thermostat

This accessory allows you to control the temperature and humidity in the home at any time, from any place, as long as there is access to WIFI.  With advanced features you can control temperatures in individual rooms.  

In other words, the temperature can be programmed automatically to adjust when no one is in the house and to re-set when someone returns.

WIFI Door Locks

Smart door lock devices can remotely lock and unlock a door.  It can be programmed to let specific people into the home.   This ability, when packaged with systems such as a security cameras and a doorbell, gives the homeowner the option to let the UPS man set a package inside the front door or unlock a door if someone has misplaced or forgotten their keys.

WIFI Water Sensors

Water sensors are one of those systems that is grossly overlooked.  Installing a water sensor underneath the air conditioner or hot water heater, will immediately send a text message alert if one of the systems is malfunctioning.  Who wants to come home after a long, hard day at work to find a huge mess under the hot water heater?

WIFI Door Bells

WIFI door bells are great for letting a homeowner know that someone is approaching the door before the bell even rings.  It allows the homeowner to talk to someone at the door even if the homeowner is out of the country.   A perspective criminal is not going to know no one is home.  

WIFI Security Cameras

WIFI security cameras have made it possible for homeowners to view and speak with anyone who is within the camera’s view. The best feature is the video recordings that happen for any activity around the door. 

But are the WIFI devices for smart home worth it?

What is your peace of mind worth?  For many, it is knowing that when they are away from home they can lock a door, set an alarm or see who has been at the front door.  Plus, being able to reduce heating and AC bills and receive an early warning if a system malfunctions is a sure way of saving money.

The next time your smart device alerts you to a water leak or HVAC system hiccup call Polar Heating and Air and we’ll send out a smart certified repairman to get your system back on track!   

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