How to get your swamp cooler ready for summer

Swamp coolers are probably the simplest appliance in your home, but that doesn’t mean they’re maintenance-free. At the end of the season you need to winterize them to prevent damage to the unit caused by freezing pipes, among other things. Hopefully you winterized your cooler (or had it winterized) last fall. Now, it’s time to undo that process and get your swamp cooler ready for summer with a swamp cooler start up.

get ready for summer heat with a swamp cooler start up

How to perform a swamp cooler start up:

Remove whatever cover you have on your unit. Swamp cooler covers come in two main types – cloth covers that slip over the unit, and metal or plastic covers that attach to the sides with screws. Inspect the cover – is it in good enough condition that you should store it for use again next year, or will you need to trash it and get a new one?

  • Remove the side panels of your unit. The sides may be held on with screws, clips, or both. It’s a good idea to make note of which panel goes on which side – some units are not symmetrical.
  • Clean any scale and debris out from inside your unit. You can use a vacuum or damp towel. If you’ve got a lot of scale in your unit, consider using a commercial de-scaling agent. There are numerous options designed specifically for swamp coolers.
  • Change your unit’s pads. The pads will become clogged over time with dust and minerals, decreasing their effectiveness. You should change your pads every year. There are many different sizes of pads, so make sure you’re buying the right ones to replace them.
  • Attach the water line. If you removed the drain plug when you winterized your cooler, be sure to replace it, and make sure it’s tight. Turn the water valve on.
  • Do a leak check. Make sure there aren’t any major leaks. If a small one gets past you, you’ll catch it later when there’s water dripping off of your roof.

Check back soon for Swamp Cooler Start Up – Part 2