Steps for swamp cooler start up:

  • Check the function of the float valve. Wait for the pan to fill with water, and make sure the flow shuts off when it’s full. If the pan overflows, your float valve will need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • Check the pump and lines. Water should be flowing freely and easily from all your cooler’s lines. If the flow is uneven, or you’re only getting a trickle, then you may have a clog. If you’re not getting any flow, then your pump may need to be replaced.
  • Check the motor. Inspect the belt to ensure it’s not cracked, and replace it if it is. Dry New Mexico air is tough on rubber! Once you’ve inspected it, have your helper turn on the fan (or go down and do it yourself if you’re working alone). Make sure your fan wheel is spinning smoothly, then turn the fan off again.
  • Put the side panels back on your cooler. Now you’re ready for the blazing New Mexico summer!

Get a swamp cooler start up before summer heat hits

When is it better to call a professional?

If your cooler doesn’t pass any of the inspection steps, if you’re not the handy type, or if you’d rather not spend time on your roof, then you’ll want a pro to do your swamp cooler start up. At Polar HVAC, we’ll handle your swamp cooler start up quickly and efficiently. We’ll perform a deeper inspection, including the belts, bearings, motor, float, and water lines. We’ll replace any necessary parts and make sure you’re cooler’s up to stuff. If you’ve lived in New Mexico long, you’re probably familiar with the inconvenience of a poorly maintained swamp cooler. The whining, dripping, and heat are enough to drive you up the wall! If it’s a new cooler you need, we’ll make short work of getting you set up. Don’t suffer through the summer with a dysfunctional cooler – call the pros to make it right!