How to Set Ceiling Fans in Winter

How to set ceiling fans in winter to improve energy savings.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, most fans are built for year-round use.  Homeowners can take advantage of this in the winter and save up to 15 percent on heating bills.  How?  Keep reading…

During the winter, ceiling fans should run in a clockwise pattern on low speed.   Warm air rises so when the fan turns clockwise it pulls the cold air up and pushes the warm air towards the floor and walls.  This makes the room feel warmer and cozier, and nobody had to turn up the thermostat. The fan’s low speed stops any “drafty” feeling and keeps the airflow consistent and steady.

Fans can be beneficial if you live in a two-story house with an open stairway.  In this type of home, the rooms upstairs tend to be unbearably hot, while the rooms downstairs remain freezing cold.  And now the furnace is working overtime trying to maintain an even temperature throughout the house.  Placing a ceiling fan at the top of an open staircase will help move air evenly through all the rooms and will save you significantly on heating bills.

Install ceiling fans that use a wall switch or remote control.  This makes turning the fan on and off as easy as flicking a switch.  Fans should be turned off when the room is empty so that no electricity is wasted.  

Remote controls also come with a button that allows you to easily change the direction the fan is turning.  Otherwise, the reverse switch is located on the housing of the fan motor. 

Ceiling fans should be hung about seven to nine feet from the floor with no more than 10 inches of clearance between the ceiling and the blades.  For vaulted ceilings, use a down-rod to hang the fan to ensure the correct height.  For low ceilings, a flush mount fan may be a good option.

Which way is your fan turning?  Saving 15 percent is a good incentive to check.

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