Will an Air Purifier Help Maintain Indoor Air Quality? 

Will an air purifier help maintain indoor air quality and how do you decide which system is right for your home?  There are a variety of factors that can negatively impact the air inside a home.  Just like there are several Air Purifier systems that can help improve it. 

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

Air purifiers use a system of internal fans to pull the air through filters that remove harmful airborne particles such as pollen, dust and bacteria. The air purifier then sends the purified air back into the room.  This process repeats itself constantly, keeping the environment healthy.

Air purifiers ensure your family is breathing clean air. The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoor air — and sometimes up to 100 times dirtier. A good air purifier keeps you healthy.

Two common air purifiers are ionization and electronic purifiers. These units “charge” unwanted contaminants and draw them down into the system where they are cleaned.  They are literally decontaminating the air you breathe in real-time.  However, they’re not effective against all contaminants in the airstream – contaminants such as mold.  For mold, a UV air purifier is recommended.

Ultra Violet lights or an UV air purifier is comprised of a set of lamps that emit low-frequency ultraviolet radiation.  The level of UV radiation present in UV air purifiers will not create any health concerns for you or your pets.  The UV air purifier lights are installed and integrated directly into the home’s ductwork.

The UV lights are powerful enough to kill microbes and other small organic contaminants that enter the air ducts.  

As with any indoor air quality unit, the UV air purifier will work more efficiently and effectively if they are professionally installed by a trained and experienced technician.  Polar can make recommendations based on your home’s individual needs when it comes to purifying indoor air quality.

You may find that a combination of indoor air quality systems might be the best answer. One thing is for sure—you can trust our team of indoor air quality pros to set up your home with the right units to keep your family not only comfortable, but healthy too!

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